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Journeys for Good volunteer travels in Cambodia

Here is a video we produced for our voluntour partner, Globe Aware. We had an amazing experience in Cambodia and are now beginning post production on the program for public television. We will be posting more content from the trip on this page so please stay tuned for more…..

Journeys for Good: Cambodia – Voluntourism series for public television

Check out these images from our recent volunteer trip to Cambodia with Globe Aware.

Journeys for Good volunteer travels with generous spirits and ready hands to this Kingdom of Wonder. Building wheelchairs, teaching English and offering assistance, we bring our good will across the miles.  Our goals are not lofty, just to connect and to make life a bit better for these indomitable people who never allow their hardship to define them.

Roadmonkey in Nicaragua #1

Journeys for Good co-founder Steve Wynn embarks on a voluntour project in Cusmapa, Nicaragua with Roadmonkey Adventure Philanthropy.

Lions, Rhinos, and Elephants: Oh My!

One Female of a Pride of Lions Resting in Afternoon Shade

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When I was a young girl, I lived in Kenya. I spent long days at Masai Mara game reserve, a massive wildlife park (and popular tourist destination) where the animals roam free. I watched the lions sleeping in the hot afternoon sun; the gazelles, fleet of foot and on the watch for cats; and the zebras swishing their tails, a black and white tangle of shivering flanks. The boars rammed each other in the tall grass. A herd of elephants circled to protect a single calf. As the sun started to set, the nocturnal animals emerged: the hammer-headed fruit bat; the aardvark with its long snout and shuffling gait; the bush baby with wide, staring eyes and a whip-like tail; and the civet who’s musk is used in the fanciest perfumes.

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Evacuteer: Preparing New Orleans for Hurricane Season

A Painting by Linda Langhorst

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I write a lot about New Orleans. I’ve only ever read about it or seen movies about it. The show Treme is one of my favorite programs on television. It’s a little strange to have such a deep love and respect for a place you’ve never been. New Orleans looms large in my imagination—the music, the culture, Mardi Gras, the French Quarter—all conspire to create this legendary, mystical realm in my mind.

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