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Fresh from our edit bay…..our new Journeys for Good trailer.  Guess who’s singing? (Hint: He shares our last name…)

These are clips from our humanitarian volunteer trips to Tanzania, Nicaragua and Cambodia. Next, we’re off to Guatemala. Our hope is to inspire others to take their own journeys for good.

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Journeys for Good Profiles Guatemala Humanitarian Service Trip

On the heels of our Emmy and Telly award-winning program, Journeys for Good: Cambodia, we have an opportunity to profile another humanitarian service trip which benefits impoverished families in Guatemala.

Globe Aware Guatemala

Why It’s Important

Guatemala is a country with tremendous need. Literacy rates are among some of the lowest in the world and poverty is prominent. Low standards of living, poor sanitation, and even limited access to clean water are all daily challenges faced by many Guatemalans.

Volunteers on this service trip will experience deep cultural immersion as they work alongside locals on projects chosen to address their needs.  One chronic problem is that children, crawling on dirt floors, are often infected with parasites.  Our group will be installing cement floors in the shelter homes of single moms.  The concrete enables them to bleach the floors to sanitize them, reducing parasites and disease among the young children.

Through original content for broadcast and the web, Journeys for Good: Guatemala will profile this service project to bring awareness to the social and economic challenges that impoverished Guatemalans continue to face.


How You Can Help

Even though Bayside Entertainment is donating all of the production and editing equipment (plus covering all of our out of pocket costs like music licensing, closed-captioning and motion graphics) and our non-profit partner Globe Aware is donating the ground costs so that we can cover this important story, we still need to raise $8,000 to get our crew and equipment to Guatemala. Please click below to make a contribution.

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Voluntourism program “Journeys for Good: Cambodia” Wins Multiple Emmy Awards

Journeys for Good: Cambodia

Steve and Joanie Wynn took home 3 Emmy awards for Journeys for Good: Cambodia


Voluntourism documentary “Journeys for Good: Cambodia” wins 3 regional Emmy Awards for San Francisco Video Production Company Bayside Entertainment.

Journeys for Good: Cambodia follows husband and wife production team (and Bayside Entertainment owners) Steve and Joanie Wynn on a family volunteer trip to Cambodia.  Traveling with non-profit Globe Aware, the volunteer group built wheelchairs for local disabled people and participated in a number of other short term projects.  The program aired on KQED-TV, San Francisco along with several other San Francisco Bay Area public television channels.

Steve Wynn won an Emmy for editing.  Steve and Joanie Wynn shared producing awards for the program in the historical/cultural program category.  The awards ceremony was held at the San Francisco Hilton on June 14th.

The Wynns are developing Journeys for Good as a series for public television.  For more information and to view the program, please visit the Journeys for Good website.


 Journeys for Good celebrates volunteer travel with original content for broadcast and the web.Created by Emmy award-winning husband and wife production team, Steve and Joanie Wynn, Journeys for Good is an original series of half-hour programs which will be distributed nationally by American Public Television to 350+ public television stations across the US and Canada.  Recently, their pilot episode, Journeys for Good: Cambodia won three Emmy awards for producing and editing.  The success of this single program promises even greater success with a 13-part series.

Journeys for Goodwill be a KQED-TV Presentation.  KQED is one of the preeminent public television stations in the country and will support the program with a stations relations campaign to maximize national and international distribution throughout the American Public Television network. Additionally, the series may enjoy second run exposure on APT sister network, CreateTV, which features the best travel content from across public television offerings.

KQED quote about the series:

“We expect Journeys for Good to be both exciting and touching. Voluntourism is naturally fraught with conflict and yet buoyed by the human spirit and the exotic locales provide a fascinating backdrop for a compelling cast of heroes and underdogs”.


Bayside Entertainment is and Emmy and Telly award-winning, full-service video production company based in Marin County, California.  Bayside Entertainment offers the full range of production services for marketing and sales video; concept creation, scripting, pre-production, field production (including aerial & underwater) and post-production (editing, graphics, animation, music, narration, audio mixing and mastering).

Their corporate clients include Lucasfilm, EA Games and Boy Scouts of America.  They also work with non-profits, startups and small business clients and develop original content for broadcast and the web.

Voluntourism TV Program Journeys for Good Receives 3 Emmy Nominations

Exciting news!  We just received three regional Emmy nominations for our program, Journeys for Good: Cambodia.  The categories in which we were nominated include: Best historic/cultural program or special, best camera and best editing.  We’ll find out if we won at the awards gala on June 15th. In the meantime, you can catch the program if you live in the SF Bay Area on KQED LIFE (Comcast ch. 189), May 14 at 10:30 pm.

We’ve been so fortunate to receive these honors and are encouraged that the quality of the program is being recognized in the professional realm.  We have already received rewards beyond measure in the personal realm from these enriching experiences.

As most of you know, this is a very meaningful passion project for Steve and me.  It all started back in 2009, after a transformative trip to Tanzania to cover an amazing volunteer trip (which also combined climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro — but that’s another story).  Anyway, that trip was the spark that started it all.  As much production travel as we’d done, Steve and I knew that these stories of transformative travel were really something special –stories that needed to be shared.  Now, we are thrilled to share these amazing experiences with our son and have so many other family volunteer trips we want to share with him…and the world.


Here’s more information from our production company’s press release:

San Francisco Bay Area video production company, Bayside Entertainment, received three Emmy nominations when the 43rd Annual Northern California Area EMMY Awards nominations were announced Wednesday, May 7.    The nominations were received for their original public television program, Journeys for Good: Cambodia.

The half-hour program follows Emmy-winning production team Steve and Joanie Wynn as they travel with their 9 year old son to Cambodia to participate in a series of volunteer projects with non-profit partner Globe Aware.  Working alongside other volunteers, they build wheelchairs for landmine victims and complete several construction projects for disabled families in and around Siem Reap.

The Wynns started Journeys for Good in 2009 after they traveled to Africa to produce a documentary on a volunteer project in Tanzania with Roadmonkey Adventure Philanthropy.  Their program, “A Journey for Good: Tanzania” aired on public television stations nationally and received four Emmy nominations and two Telly Awards.  Journeys for Good is currently in development as a series for public television.


Journeys for Good: Cambodia airs on KQED-TV, San Francisco

December was a busy month here at Journeys for Good as we completed our half-hour program on the Cambodia trip we took with Globe Aware last year. Hope you enjoy the program and please let us know what you think.